The Environment Around Us All

Today the environment is not as it seems, we must be aware that we are subject to eating and breathing artificial colourings, preservatives and chemicals, why is that? Well first of all its easier and more economical. Chemicals are mimicking our receptors and making us believe that what we eat, drink and put on our bodies is just fine !!  So what is the next step? well first of all READ the labels. Internet now affords us the possibility to find out more about hidden ingredients and what effect they may have on our bodies. Not only that, but this is now affecting young children and babies.


What can we do to protect our Family and Home

So what is the solution to living a clean life and one that is free of these chemicals and substances, free radicals and oxidants? Again, read the labels and research, research, research. You do have a choice and you can buy wellness products for yourself, your family and your home. Its a question of switching your purchases to an online shopping club and having them delivered to your door. This way you will have your stock at home and not be without it. What a great idea!!!

Women Wellness Guide now provide a full range of Vitamins Supplements and Healthier Alternative Products for the bathroom. We have Shampoo, Conditioners, Body Lotion, Shower and Bath Gel, Liquid Soaps, Toothpastes, Washing Powers, Household Cleaners, a Men´s Range and much much more. Why not find out more about our Environmentally Friendly Products. You can shop from home without leaving the house. You just go online and make your order, it will be delivered directly to your front door.  You can receive 30-40% discounts on products if you decide to be a regular customer. There are a wide range of household and personal items available that you can easily replace your current trends with, you will also be helping the environment by using these items and saving the extensive use of plastic and containers, you can also be a star example of how to use a better quality product at a reasonable price and respecting your family’s health.  This includes your pets too.

What kind of products can  I use for my family and home

Start with the cleaning of the home, windows, bathroom, kitchen surfaces, washing the dishes, the dish washer, clothes, floors and areas where children play. Then look at:  Personal Hygiene, start to move over to wellness productsuse shampoo and conditioners for yourself, that suits you, try the wellness product range for men, for the men in the family. Then chose shampoo and bath gel for children from the children’s range. Using body lotion or milk after a shower or bath is healthy, because you massage your skin, arms and body at the same time as you put it on, it keeps your skin supple and soft. Use wellness toothpaste without chemicals, this can be used for adults and children from the age 8 onwards.


How do I keep on top of my products order?

Keep one of each product in stock so that you do not turn to alternative products when it runs out. Busy women need organisation, and we can do that when we prepare our online order at the beginning of the month. What could be more practical. If you are using Dietary products and health supplements then you must be sure you have them in stock to continue the well being that is going on in your body when using them.


If you would like to know more about environmentally friendly and chemically free products please request an online catalogue:  Please email me further details